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3 Guest Episodes That You Need To Listen To

Jul 18, 2018 | Guest Expert, Podcast | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

We’ve had a lot of amazing guests on the show.  In today’s episode, we select 3 of our favorite guest episodes and dive in a little deeper and discuss the key nuggets in them

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:29] – Welcome
  • [02:49] – Guest 1 – Toms Pick, Rachel Pedersen 
  • [05:04] – The Mountain – making sure you’re not getting to the top of your goals alone
    • Be sure you’re planning your life along side your business plans. No one wants to reach the top and feel completely alone
    • Enjoying the journey
  • [07:53] – What to do if you’ve lost trust and need to rebuild relationships with your clients
  • [09:36] – Authenticity
  • [12:05] – Guest 2 – Arianas Pick, Christie Bender
  • [14:51] – Proactive vs Reactive 
    • Set yourself up for success by focusing on your year ahead, before you’ve begun
    • Once it’s too late, it’s too late 
  • [15:34] – Saving money by planning for taxes
  • [16:40] – 3 important things to focus on for your business taxes
    • Stop co-mingling accounts. Separate checking and credit cards for personal and business
    • Get crystal clear on your numbers
    • Use a tax pro! They really can save you $$$
  • [19:17] – Entrepreneurs are like horses – a GREAT analogy! 
  • [21:31] – Guest 3 – Most Listened To Episode – Heather Gray
  • [24:33] – Realizing you have to be the boss
  • [27:01] – The low barrier for entry into business ownership can sometimes make you miss the important first steps of being a business owner
  • [29:48] – What would the boss do?
  • [31:59] – Aligning values

Resources Mentioned

Key Insights

  • Join us for a recap of 3 of our favorite past guests!
  • We will explore a bit further into each guest and the truth bombs they dropped in those episodes

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