6 Lessons of Love & Business, from 22 Couples - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

6 Lessons of Love & Business, from 22 Couples

Oct 1, 2018 | Couples Series, Optimization, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

As we wrap up our special couples and entrepreneurship series, we reflect on 6 key lessons that were shared by multiple couples throughout the series
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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:10] – Welcome
  • [04:48] – Getting on the same page
  • [06:08] – Coming together as 1 unit – Armando and Christian – Show 61
  • [07:24] – Getting aligned in life and business – Jill and Josh – Show 78
  • [09:24] – Hitting the reset button, when necessary – Danielle and Justin – Show 68
  • [11:40] – Taking time to know yourself and learn about each other – Kate and John – Show 59
  • [15:23] –  Understanding different working styles and communication – Marley and Wayne – Show 66
  • [17:54] – Be intentional about how you want to show up, in business and your relationship – Alexi and Preston – Show 79
  • [20:28] – Family comes first – Shane and Jocelyn – Show 69
  • [24:30] – Recognizing what is urgent vs important – Cole and Sonja – Show 67
  • [28:19] – Family life should never change, regardless of outside factors – Dan and Joanne – Show 60
  • [30:44] – Taking time to reconnect, “trip jars” – Melissa and Paul – Show 77
  • [33:36] – Key Action
    • Ariana – IF you’ve missed any of these episodes. take a listen.
    • Tom – Check out Plan With Purpose
  • [36:21] – Bookshelf

Bookshelf #1

Bookshelf #2


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