Adding Your Partner in Life As Your Partner in Business with John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Adding Your Partner in Life As Your Partner in Business with John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson

Sep 3, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

What happens when you are running a successful business and you invite your spouse to join?  John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson share their experience as they partner on Entrepreneurs On Fire
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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:47] – Welcome to COUPLES MONTH!
  • [01:36] – Meet John and Kate from EOFire
  • [04:36] – When Kate made the decision to leave the corporate world
    • 2012/13 working in Ad and Marketing, but realizing John may have had the right idea pursuing his passions
  • [10:48] – Personal relationship meets professional relationship
  • [11:36] – “Initially I had these fears running through my mind, like… I don’t wanna be a secretary!” – Kate
  • [13:25] – “You need a strong understanding of what you’re really good at, A, but B, what you SHOULD BE doing within that area.” – John
  • [14:40] – Managing conflict without crossing the line between business and personal life
  • [16:04] – “John gets an idea and he has already done it!” – Kate
  • [19:54] – Making an impact
  • [26:35] – Takeaway advice – Working together isn’t for everyone, but, it is worth the try.
  • [29:50] – Where to find John and Kate

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Guest Bio

JohnLee Dumas & Kate Erickson are the dynamic duo behind Entrepreneurs on Fire: an award winning podcast that interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs every Monday and drops value bombs every Thursday. John is the host, with over 2000 episodes, 1.3 million listens every month, and seven-figures of annual revenue, JLD is just getting started. Visit and discover YOUR BIG IDEA in just 3 hours! Kate is the creator, engager and implementer behind EOFire. She is also the host of the podcast Kate’s Take and co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days. Kate is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help their business scale and grow. Together, they help you Get ready to set YOUR Entrepreneurial journey ON FIRE! Grab their FREE “Big Idea” Course!
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