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A Few Client Results
Nordin Chena, Ecommerce Entrepreneur
"It has been a great investment.

I had a profitable business when I started coaching, but I had a lot of flaws; no processes, no manuals, no controls, little financial planning. Tom helped me with all of that.

He is full of knowledge and has a lot of experience.  

I feel a lot more comfortable with the operations of my business now."
Matt & Alli Owen, Entrepreneurs
"Since working with Tom and Ariana for the past year, we officially went from having zero sales to selling hundreds of products in Primal Noms and serving dozens of paying clients in Owen Your Future. 

To someone considering working with Tom and Ariana, we would say DO IT. You will be challenged, but you will 100% grow as an entrepreneur and human. "
Sarah Kornblett Waldbuesser, Attorney
"The tools that they have put together are amazing and I didn't even touch the surface during our few months together on what I can actually do.

I really say enough awesome things about working with Tom.  If you are thinking about it, just go for it!  It really took my business to a new level and i know what I have learned coaching with him is going to serve me months and years into the future."
Amanda Appiagyei, Brand Strategist
"Working with Tom has enabled me to step up and take ownership my my business.

I've used several of their templates, and that is forming the basis of our planning for 2019.  I'm so much clearer on where I want to go."
Christi Bender, CPA & Financial Strategist
"I needed to figure out how to generate several tens of thousands of dollars, which we figured out how to map out for me.

He's also making me track metrics.  Nothing is better than being bullied by Tom because he loves you to death."

Matt Nesci, Real Estate Investor
"Tom and Ariana didn't give us the answers; they made us think about it and really went through the process of what worked for us.

I really like the processes to help focus on the most important issues."

Nick Snapp, Founder @ Snappier
"They would tell me the things that I had in the back of my mind that I didn't want to express and was ignoring.  They were able to pull it out of me and give me some really awesome insights via their program.

They are the real deal!"
Maureen Hahn, The Inspiration Broker
"Wow.  What an impressive guy!

We spent several hours together and he really helped me sort out the things that I want to do, sort out some ideas, and gave me the idea of putting processes around my goals and accomplishments."

"I increased my membership by 50%, just over DOUBLED my previous highest revenue month. Spent more QUALITY time with my kids. Worked less, & stressed less."

Kirsty Briscoe, Owner of Paleo Folks 
"Working with Tom was one of the best things I have ever done in my business.
He truly listened to 
  •  where I am now,
  •  where I want to go,
  •  and the type of leader that I want to be."
Kaylyn Parker, Social Media Strategist
About Tom Sylvester
Tom is an business consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author.  He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them growth and scale their businesses through strategy and systems.  He spent several years doing this with Fortune 500 companies and their leaders before shifting his focus towards his passion, which is helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.

After working with far too many entrepreneurs who achieved business success at the expense of their personal lives and relationships, Tom and his wife Ariana started the #LifestyleBuilders Movement.  They believe that your business should support your life, rather than taking it over.  As a result, Tom spends most of his days working with entrepreneurs on that mission, from coaching entrepreneurs, co-hosting the Lifestyle Builders Podcast and co-authoring the Lifestyle Builders Book.
What does Christi Bender think?
"If you take the time to invest with Tom and Ariana, they will provide you with both a strategic and emotional ROI that you can't beat!" 

Christi Bender, CPA & Financial Strategist
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