Avoid Overwhelm and Make Content Creation Simple w/ Jamie Palmer - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Avoid Overwhelm and Make Content Creation Simple w/ Jamie Palmer

Aug 15, 2018 | Execution, Marketing, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

Content marketing is a great strategy to use in your business, but it is very easy to get overwhelmed and have it pull you away from other aspects of your business.  In this episode, we discuss effective and efficient strategies for content marketing with Jamie Palmer

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:11] – Welcome
  • [00:48] – Meet Jamie
  • [03:40] – Creating a content workflow
    • Consistency is key
    • Macro and Micro content
  • [05:40] –  Creating a workflow to plug and play
  • [07:00] – Maintaining consistency
    • Consider a social media break and use that time to batch content
  • [09:45] – Time blocking and batching
  • [12:01] –  Taking the 30,000 foot view
  • [14:12] – Choosing your pillar content that all posts will relate back to
  • [16:17] – Ensure you have a strategy to drive your content to your customer – or creating an “eco-system”
  • [19:30] – Use each social media outlet to direct people to where you want them to be
  • [22:19] –  Be sure to track your inspirations to turn into content later
    • Use evernote to record ideas, or even pen and paper
  • [24:44] – Do not be afraid to share your “reality”
    • People will connect to you even more if you are showing them real life moments
    • This also allows you to infuse your personality into your content
  • [28:38] –  Maintaining authenticity
  • [34:37] –  What not to do
  • [38:30] –  The top takeaway – IMPLEMENT!
  • [39:00] – Find Jamie
Guest Bio Jamie is a Marketing Professional with expertise in strategic business development achieved through marketing and social media. She is a specialist in the integration of executive storying techniques into strategic communication. Jamie has recently contributed to Effingham, IL winning the Google eCity of 2014 Award through her Brandfluence Social Media Program. She has spoken at the Environmental Business Council on Social Media and RI BAR Association to discuss “How Systematic Storying Can Help Lawyers Show Value in Sales Conversations.” Her other featured topics are: “Building Brand Ecosystems the Thrive.”, ​ “Social Media Marketing ~ Monetize​ your Profiles”​ and “Understanding your Brand Ecosystem to Increase Sales.”
Key Insights
  • Learn how to create a content workflow that works for you!
  • Maintain consistency by adopting a “plug and play” system for content
  • Think about the pillars you want to represent and build around that

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