Behind The Scenes (A Lifestyle Builders Members Q&A)

Jul 11, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

In this Q&A Episode, we we’re taking one of our live Q&A sessions with our Lifestyle Builders and giving you a peek behind the scenes!

Lifestyle Builders

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [01:44] – Question 1 – Almost every Facebook group now uses questions as a screen-er to get in the group. I’m looking at some very niche groups because I want to see if my ideal client is hanging out in there. So how do you honestly answer the questions, “why do you want to join this group? My intentions are not spammy, but I feel strange answering “To connect with others.”
    • Tom – “Don’t overthink it. Most group owners will understand the desire to connect with others and to begin networking
  • [04:04] – Question 2 – How much of a website do I really need right now? Simple page with contact info and services? Or minimum x-pages?
    • Tom – What is your marketing and sales strategy?  Who are your ideal clients? Think about their customer journey
    • Tom –  Typically a 1-page website will work for most people.  The key is to get them to take the next action, for example, a live call
  • [06:27] – Cold Networking
  • [11:00] – Question 3 – When you have several product ideas, how do you know which one to work on next? How do you validate your idea to know that people want it? I have a survey where I ask their biggest struggles and they keep telling me they don’t have enough time to do it all and organization problems. I need more direction and the next BEST step to take in product creation. I have 3 product ideas and need to know what to work on next
    • Tom – I rate them on 5 categories – What do people need, what are they willing to pay for, what do I enjoy, what am I good at, and how well does it tie into my goals?
    • Validate idea with a Lean Canvas.  Many ways to research (Quora, Groups, Search Volume, Competitor Products), but having actual conversations with potential customers is our favorite for new products.  To the people that responded to your survey, see if you can get them on the phone to dive deeper
    • If you are running a survey, check out the book ASK
  • [19:12] – Question 4 – What is your best strategy for creating content for social media? And do you use scheduling for your social media posts?
    • Ariana – We tend to use our pillar content and everything we post will fit into one of those pillars
  • [25:50] – Social media scheduling 
  • [33:21] – Ariana’s current read – Smart Leaders Sell
  • [37:06] – Question 5 – I can’t even keep track of getting kids places, organizing/cleaning house, etc. and I need help. I basically feel like i put out fires all day but accomplish very little. What can I do?
    • Tom – Carve out some time each week to reflect & plan out your upcoming week
    • Ariana – Track everything! We use Google calendar and create one for each person (color coded) to help us keep track
  • [43:40] – Learn how to prioritize 
  • [47:13] – Time audit 
  • [47:55] – Question 6 – In a welcome sequence, should I be directing people to my big ticket item as a solution to all of their problems or my smaller tripwire item that will just get them to be a buyer?
    • Tom –  Ask yourself how they get on your list and where is their mindset when they join?
    • Tom – Typically you want to offer a lower cost offer, but you can test out different options.

Key Insights

  • Join us as we answer questions from our very own Lifestyle Builders
  • Tackle hangups in social media, creating content and learning to sell to your customer base

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