You Can Create The Life That You Desire!
This book is for entrepreneurs who want to create impact and freedom in their lives.
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What You're Gonna Learn
Section 1: Plan With Purpose
The first step to shift towards the life that you want to live is to define what that life looks like and build yourself a roadmap that directs you from where you are to where you want to be. In this section you’ll learn how to identify what your ideal lifestyle looks like and build that initial roadmap for how to get there.  
  • Chapter 1.1 - What Are We Doing Here
  • Chapter 1.2 - Describe What You Want to Have 
  • Chapter 1.3 - Define What You Need to Do
  • Chapter 1.4 - Create Your Process
  • Chapter 1.5 - Prioritize & Implement
  • Chapter 1.6 - Track Your Progress
  • Chapter 1.7 - Distill Who You Need to Be
Section 2: Find Your Freedom
With clarity around your ideal life and a roadmap in place, it’s now time to determine what you need to make that happen. You will go through and define your Freedom Number: The amount of money and income that you need to leave your job. This includes gathering and understanding all of your financial information, from how much you make, to how much you spend, to how much debt you have, and how much money your business provides you. The goal of this section is to help you get your personal finances in order, as well as help you model your business to achieve your goals.
  • Chapter 2.1 - But Can We Really Leave Our Jobs?
  • Chapter 2.2 - Determine Monthly Cash Flow Needs
  • Chapter 2.3 - Pay Off Debt
  • Chapter 2.4 - Define Your Freedom Number
  • Chapter 2.5 - What Size Business Do You Need?
  • Chapter 2.6 - Laying Out Your Runway
Section 3: Concept to Cash
Once you know what it looks like you achieve financial freedom, your next course of action is to create a business that will enable you to achieve it. Most people go about this process by creating the product or service first, then attempting to sell it, but often struggling. This section of the book will show you a better way, focusing on testing and validating your idea to make sure people will pay you for it before you even build it. After finishing this section, you’ll have a step-by-step process that will take you from creating your idea all the way through making money from it.
  • Chapter 3.1 - A “Great Idea” Can Cost You A Lot
  • Chapter 3.2 - Idea Brainstorming
  • Chapter 3.3 - The One-Page Business Plan
  • Chapter 3.4 - Idea Selection
  • Chapter 3.5 - Customers & Problems
  • Chapter 3.6 - Solutions & MVPs
  • Chapter 3.7 - Launching & Initial Sales
  • Chapter 3.8 - Growing Your Sales
Section 4: Setup Your Systems
With your business model increasingly becoming more validated, starting with your initial set of sales and continuing with each subsequent sale, you will now shift into designing and organizing your business so that it can continue to grow and drive closer and closer to your goals. In this section will you’ll learn how to run a business and how to structure and organize it for effective and efficient growth that doesn't take over your life.
  • Chapter 4.1 - Entrepreneurs Don’t Get Vacations
  • Chapter 4.2 - The Business Engine
  • Chapter 4.3 - Putting the Engine in Your Car
Section 5: Quit Your Cubicle
With a lot of hard work, some pivots along the way, and a little bit of luck, your business will grow to a point where you achieve your Freedom Number and can leave your job. This is an awesome time in your life, but it come with some new shifts and challenges. The goal of this chapter is to help you to make the transition from an employee to being a full-time entrepreneur as seamless and possible and help you navigate through some of the obstacles that will arise as you make the transition.
  • Chapter 5.1 - Are We Really Doing This?
  • Chapter 5.2 - Quitting Day
  • Chapter 5.3 - Settling In as a Full-Time Entrepreneur
  • Chapter 5.4 - Friends & Family
  • Chapter 5.5 - Make Sure You Don’t Have To Go Back
  • Chapter 5.6 - Live Your Life
Section 6: Stop Self Sabotage
How do you make sure you don’t get in your own way? Often we are our own worst enemy and inner critic. If you trust the process, you can join the small group of people who not only have big dreams, but go after them and make it a reality. The goal of this section is to help you identify the various roadblocks and barriers that will arise and navigate past them so you can put this plan into action.
  • Chapter 6.1 - Why You Won’t Follow Anything in This Book
  •  Chapter 6.2 - The Mistakes that Will Cost You
  •  Chapter 6.3 - The (False) Golden Handcuffs
  •  Chapter 6.4 - Your Next Steps
Message From the authors
We wrote this book to support the growing movement of #LifestyleBuilders - those who are building their businesses in support of creating their ideal lifestyles. We know the challenges associated with not only starting and growing your business, but also doing it in a way that supports your desired life, rather than taking it over.  This book is the culmination of years of not only doing this ourselves, but also helping hundreds of others do the same."
-Tom & Ariana