Building A Tribe That Buys w/ Jessica Lorimer - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Building A Tribe That Buys w/ Jessica Lorimer

Aug 1, 2018 | Guest Expert, Podcast, Sales

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Episode Brief Description

Many entrepreneurs struggle to build a loyal tribe that they can serve who will buy their products.  In today’s episode, guest and sales expert Jessica Lorimer helps us understand how to do just that

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:11] – Welcome
  • [00:46] – Meet Jessica
  • [03:54] – “The thing for me about building a tribe that buys, is that it’s not about the number of people, it’s about having a really warm, engaging audience that actually WANTS to buy.” – Jessica
  • [04:58] – “When you come from corporate, you’re trained to fit in, you’re not trained to stand out.” – Jessica
  • [07:39] – “The reality is, good market research should be done regularly.” – Jessica
  • [09:15] – “When you get somebody to buy and when you find that ideal customer, it is then so much easier to solve their next problem than it is to go out and find more and more people.” – Tom
  • [15:23] –  “One of the best ways to build a tribe is by treating people well. Offer them rewards for their loyalty.” – Ariana
  • [16:37] – “The best sales skills and the best brand building happens {in the offline world} You’re either a MAC person or a PC person. It doesn’t matter which one you are, but you ARE solidly bought into that brand.” – Jessica
  • [21:51] – Baby Bird Syndrome – How you can actually end up conditioning your clients NOT to buy from you
  • [24:00] – Setting boundaries
  • [25:48] – “Selling is a service.” – Jessica
  • [26:20] – “With investment comes implementation.” – Jessica
  • [28:30] –  Always ask for feedback. Stay consistent with your market research
  • [31:31] – “When you’re coming from corporate, everyone is avoiding feedback.” – Tom
  • [34:09] – “People are not just out there who are magically trained to buy.” – Jessica
  • [37:18] – Guiding your customer on their journey
  • [44:07] –  Follow up on any unsold offers, don’t be afraid to ask why. Often times, it’s not a No, it’s a Not Now
  • [46:10] – Being resilient when it is a No
  • [46:31] – “People don’t buy for 2 reasons… they don’t believe in you or they don’t believe in themselves.” – Jessica
  • [48:05] –  Re framing your ideas about No’s. Don’t ask why they wouldn’t buy from you, ask why they SHOULD
  • [52:38] – Where to find Jessica
Guest Bio Jessica Lorimer is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, podcaster – and most importantly, a Sales Coach who teaches business owners simple sales strategies to skyrocket their income and impact.

Resources Mentioned

Key Insights
  • Learn how to build your business with customers who will be loyal to you for life!
  • Discover ways to follow your customer on their journey and how to grow alongside their needs
  • No’s do not necessarily mean no sale, it often just means Not now

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