Business Pivots, New Offers, & More w/ Kristen Brandt - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Business Pivots, New Offers, & More w/ Kristen Brandt

May 30, 2018 | Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

Pivoting your business in a new direction can be challenging.  Today we bring Lifestyle Builder Kristen Brandt on to discuss her pivot, introducing new offers, and many other things related to growing her web design business.

Lifestyle Builders

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:17] – Welcome and meet Kristen
  • [01:58] – How I became a Lifestyle Builder and entrepreneur
  • [06:01] – I offer design work, but how do I market as more than that?
    • Customers will not usually know what the technical work you provide is called, so always talk to them in their own words.
    • Show them a quick demo using their own websites or designs against your offereing
  • [10:40] – Mapping your customer
  • [11:51] – Utilize marketing strategy
    • Create a checklist to use with new clients to see if their needs are currently being met – if not, show how you can change that for them
  • [23:02] – Top challenges
  • [25:58] – Working on Retainer vs Per Project
  • [28:26] –  Check in with competition
    • This could even include purchasing a package to see how you stack up in comparison
  • [31:44] – First time clients vs Retainer
    • Get clear on your rates – will you charge per project or per hour?
  • [37:33] – Where to find Kristen

Guest Bio

I’m a web & graphic designer with a passion for cohesive brands and beautiful websites. I have a 7 year old son and a wonderful teacher husband who doesn’t have an entrepreneurial bone in his body. I’m a former college athlete and a diehard Wisconsin Badger fan.

Key Insights

  • Join Lifestyle Builder Kristen as she walks through the ways to pivot her marketing and seal new clients
  • How to use your own competition to build your own business

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