Consultative Selling & Mastering LinkedIn with Mark Firth - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Consultative Selling & Mastering LinkedIn with Mark Firth

Oct 31, 2018 | Guest Expert, Podcast, Sales

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Episode Brief Description

How do you sell in a way that doesn’t come off like a used car salesman, but instead truly helps your potential client?  Mark Firth joins us to discuss selling and specifically LinkedIn

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:29] – Welcome
  • [00:53] – Meet Mark
  • [04:24] – The timeline
  • [05:55] – In any business, sales tend to be the most common struggle
  • [06:26] – Creating a sales mindset and moving beyond feeling uncomfortable
  • [07:36] – Intention
  • [09:00] – Changing from “Always be closing” to “Always be caring” by shifting your intention
  • [10:53] – Knowing and understanding your customers journey
  • [11:54] – “Giving tough love is fundamental in my sales process.” – Mark
  • [13:31] – “Consultative Selling”
  • [14:50] – Building trust
  • [16:00] – Serving your customer, even if that means they’re buying elsewhere
  • [20:16] –  Qualifying where to spend your time and effort
  • [22:11] – Common selling issues on LinkedIn
  • [33:36] – Key Takeaway
    • Just keep going!
  • [35:07] – Where to find Mark

Guest Bio

Who is Mark Firth In 2003 you’d have found me making 100+ cold calls every single day in the city of London, as a determined young salesperson. Since then I’ve been trained in sales and Marketing by the likes of IBM and Siemens, sold $500k + deals. But, ultimately ended up empty inside – selling something I didn’t believe in is tough. I quit. I then founded Linkedpreneurs to make sure EVERY professional business owner has the knowledge and help they need to fulfil their potential. I want to help you make A HUGE impact through mastering this platform

Resources Mentioned

Key Insights

  • Explore the most common struggle among business owners… SALES
  • Work through the struggles of generating sales on LinkedIn
  • Reframe the way you pitch to clients 

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