Entrepreneur Transition & Selling with Rick Hughes - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Entrepreneur Transition & Selling with Rick Hughes

Jun 27, 2018 | Execution, Foundations, Operations, Podcast, Sales

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Episode Brief Description

Leaving a job and starting a business can be tough.  In this episode, we bring Lifestyle Builders Rick Hughes on to help him make the transition to entrepreneur and how to brand and market his custom knife business.

Lifestyle Builders

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:13] – Welcome
  • [02:46] – Meet Rick
  • [05:45] – Becoming a Lifestyle Builder
  • [10:52] – Transitioning to entrepenuer
  • [11:43] -“For me, the struggle was not really knowing what to do every day. In a 9-5, you know your tasks, they’re laid out for you.” – Rick 
  • [12:44] – Honing your business strategy
    • Goal setting
    • 90 Day Plans
  • [14:44] –  Discovering your working style
  • [17:19] – Gaining clarity
    • Daily or weekly sync ups – track your progress
  • [20:39] – Optimizing your working style
  • [27:12] – Getting customer leads
  • [29:50] –  Segment leads into buckets
    • Lookers
    • Buyers
    • With either group, learn how to move them along their journey. Take an interested customer and turn them into a buying customer with sales strategy
  • [33:24] – Fit your customers current need by meeting them where they’re at
  • [37:58] –  Serving your customers
  • [44:16] – Where to find Rick

Guest Bio

I realized that leading people based on the vision of someone else, whom I had never actually met, made me miserable. I craved freedom. The freedom to create my own vision and to lead people to a better life through that vision. To do that, I needed to start my own venture. That venture is beginning with Frontier South Knives.

Key Insights

  • Discover what its really like to transition from 9-5 to business ownership
  • Learn ways to maximize sales
  • Find your working style and how you can be your most productive self in your business 

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