Family, Finances & Full-Time Entrepreneurship w/ Philip “PT” & Teresa Taylor - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Family, Finances & Full-Time Entrepreneurship w/ Philip “PT” & Teresa Taylor

Sep 21, 2018 | Couples Series, Finance, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

Managing your money in a smart way can make your life and business easier, especially when transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship.  Philip “PT Money” & Teresa Taylor join us to discuss

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:40] – Welcome
  • [01:30] – Meet Philip “PT” and Theresa 
  • [04:00] – The timeline 
  • [06:12] – Turning a hobby into a full time business 
  • [07:46] – “It did not occur to me that he would ever drop [corporate job] it.” – Theresa 
  • [09:01] – Leaning out and living on 1 paycheck 
  • [12:34] – Living lean 
  • [15:45] – Planning life and selling the dream 
  • [18:06] – “The joke is like ‘Throw me an idea and if I shoot it down in like 5-10 seconds, its probably a winner!'” – Theresa
  • [22:33] – “Saving to give” 
  • [25:22] – Balance and routine 
  • [29:30] – Tag Team parenting 
  • [36:30] – Money tips from PT 
    • Live lean
    • Automate your finances
    • Hide money on yourself
    • Pay yourself first
    • Marry a frugal wife! LOL
  • [44:23] – Key takeaway
    • PT – Fix your financial life to find your freedom
    • Theresa – Be intentional 
  • [47:00] – Where to find PT and Theresa

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Guest Bio

Philip and Teresa Taylor live in Frisco, TX with their three young children. Philip is a CPA, blogger, podcaster, and the entrepreneur behind FinCon, the industry-leading event and community hub for personal finance media/influencers. Teresa is a former special education teacher with a Masters Degree in Adaptive P.E.. She currently supports Philip in his work and also runs the Taylor household on a full-time basis.

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