From Dream-Killer to Co-Conspirator: How This Couple Built Their Ideal Life W/ Armando & Christian Cruz - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

From Dream-Killer to Co-Conspirator: How This Couple Built Their Ideal Life W/ Armando & Christian Cruz

Sep 5, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

How do you create a successful business when your spouse isn’t on board and you are trying to raise 3 kids?  Armando & Christian Cruz share their story and strategies
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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:46] – Welcome
  • [01:40] – Meet Armando and Christian
  • [04:32] – Becoming entrepreneurs
    • Began with personal training family members to get in shape for their wedding
    • This inspired the business, but, without the proper business plan, things fell apart immediately after the wedding
  • [07:05] – If you build it, they will come… but not without a business plan!
  • [10:58] – Evolving
  • [10:35] – Training your brain for patterns of opportunity
  • [12:01] – Splitting Roles
  • [14:25] – 2 Adults, 3 Kids
  • [16:00] – “Her not knowing the future, it freaks her out. Me not knowing the future, that excites me! That’s adventure.” – Armando
  • [16:30] – Navigating personality differences and understanding strengths
  • [18:50] – Looking back on growth
  • [26:06] – Balancing family life and business life
  • [26:27] – “I think that the idea of balance is a losing proposition. I think if you’re shooting for balance, you’re going to be disappointed.” – Armando
  • [28:04] – Intention and focus
  • [30:00] – Priorities and surviving
  • [34:36] – Having the right systems in place
  • [38:00] – Seasons of life and business
  • [44:10] – Just for fun – Lightning Round Questions
  • [45:48] – Key takeaway
    • Armando – Put in the work in your relationship
    • Christian – Be proactive
  • [52:19] – Where to find Armando and Christian

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Guest Bio

Christian, an exercise physiologist specializing in chronic pain and clinical populations, and Armando, a lifestyle physical therapist and legacy coach, together have 3 amazing kids. Over the 11.5 years that Christian and Armando Cruz have been married, they created and built Cruz Country Fitness and Physical Therapy as a holistic solution for people who want to overcome injuries and pain while working out and getting fit, without the risk of injury so that they can live happier, healthier, pain-free lives. Armando and Christian have also created these virtual specialty programs: The Cleanse and Renewal Program, Vita Via, and From Suffering to Unstoppable. Armando is the best selling author of The Legacy Code: Modern Man’s Guide To Escape Obscurity & Live A Life Unleashed. Both Christian and Armando also speak at various events and to various groups throughout the year.

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