Going Against the Status Quo in Lifestyle Entrepreneurship W/ April & Aaron Beach - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Going Against the Status Quo in Lifestyle Entrepreneurship W/ April & Aaron Beach

Sep 10, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Lifestyle Design, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

What does it take to go against the status quo and become a lifestyle entrepreneur who lives with purpose?  That’s exactly what we discuss on this episode with April & Aaron Beach
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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:33] – Welcome
  • [01:28] – Meet April and Aaron
  • [05:03] – Timeline of becoming a family full of entrepreneurs
  • [07:16] – 4 businesses total, but each partner remains separate
  • [08:34] – Losing the drive for the 9-5
  • [10:46] – “Lifestyle entrepreneurship means to us, developing a company that allows us to have life freedom.” – April
  • [12:49] –  Life in startup mode
  • [14:58] – 3 boys and 4 businesses – and keeping it flowing
  • [15:20] – “Driven to us means really maximizing our potential.” – April
  • [17:30] – Navigating the stress and how it changes with different levels of business growth
  • [20:41] – Growing pains and learning to reset
  • [25:00] – Scheduling life like a business
  • [26:06] – “Let your partner be your greatest mastermind.” – Aaron
  • [32:02] – “We actually started taking a whole bunch of personality tests, we would read our results, and we would also share them.” – Tom
  • [33:46] – Even at a really young age, I think I was just born with personality – like, I just wanna defy the status quo.” – April
  • [35:10] – Transitioning from corporate
  • [37:33] – Starting with the “Why” and finding your core purpose
  • [39:41] – “It comes down to confidence. You might not know what it looks like. You might not know how to do it. You might be presenting something that nobody has done before, or ‘it’s not the way it’s done.’ I think the people who are like ‘I don’t care how it’s done’ those are the people of lifestyle entrepreneurship.” – April
  • [43:43] – Family life – outside the box
  • [48:18] – Key Takeaway
    • Aaron – Know your core purpose. Pivot frequently and work for your family. Your spouse is your greatest mastermind.
    • April – Try new things and fail without fear. You are a work in progress!
  • [52:46] – Where to find April and Aaron

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Website: SweetLifeCo.com Social: Instagram – @SweetLife_Entrepreneur Facebook – LifestyleEntrepreneurCoach

Guest Bio

April Beach is host of the iTunes top rated “SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast” and business development consultant for adventurous female entrepreneurs who are determined to defy the status quo, control their life, and build a socially conscious company while raising awesome kids. April been featured by TODAY, MSNBC, Patagonia, 5280 Magazine and other media for her role in maverick life-first business design. Aaron Beach is a lifestyle entrepreneur, Cofounder and COO of BlackLabSports, a Boulder, CO. based business who invests in, launches, and scales companies whose founders live their purpose and who focus on pushing the limits of Human Performance.​ ​Aaron left his high-stress corporate career in 2014​ ​to join April in entrepreneurship and together they own​ ​a combined 4 companies while raising 3 boys and traveling 4 months a year. Focusing on Family Entrepreneurship by Design™ will help you create and run an online business that jives with your active family and lifestyle. Grab the “Family Entrepreneurship by Design Guide” Here:  Free Guide
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