How Many Offers Should You Have? - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

How Many Offers Should You Have?

Aug 27, 2018 | Execution, Operations, Podcast, Strategy | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

Should you focus on a single offer, or create multiple?  It’s a question many entrepreneurs have. In this episode, we will share our perspective on this question and discuss pros/cons to both approaches

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:29] – Welcome
  • [03:03] – What it looks like to have 1 offer
    • People often say that most millionaires have 7 streams of income, however, each one of them started off with only 1
  • [04:48] – KEY ACTION – Comment now with how many offers you currently have!
  • [06:07] – 1 offer allows maximum focus
    • Avoid “analysis paralysis”
  • [09:14] – You can really get to know your audience
  • [10:38] – Having multiple offers
    • There is a lot more that can go wrong with multiple offers
    • The benefit can be multiple sources of income
  • [12:16] – Branching out
    • Following your customers journey
  • [16:37] – How to choose where to focus
    • Look at your goals – which offer will get you there fastest?
  • [18:31] – Lean canvas
  • [22:00] – Your customers needs
  • [26:03] – Homework/Action
  • [29:07] – Toms Bookshelf

Your Homework

Ariana’s Homework

  • Reach out to your customers and ask them for feedback on your current offers

Tom’s Homework

  • Review your current offer or offers. Write down how much money comes in from them vs how much time you put inot them

Tom’s Bookshelf

The One Thing

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Resources Mentioned

Key Insights
  • What does it look like to have 1 offer?
  • Exploring the value of multiple offers
  • Discover how to plan your focus and maximize your income potential

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