How to Stop Losing Customers - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

How to Stop Losing Customers

Mar 25, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

As a business owner, it’s a constant struggle to keep the customers that we worked so hard to get. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to reduce your churn rate & retain those precious clients

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:11] – Welcome
  • [02:44] – How are you serving your current customers?
  • [05:15] – Onboarding – or the steps people make to become customers
  • [06:35] – Avoiding buyers remorse 
    • Gift after purchase
    • Personal email
    • Phone call
    • Thank you card
    • Anything that will support and delight your customer
  • [08:44] – Offer your customers a walk through of their purchase 
  • [11:55] – Rewards
  • [13:09] – Using automation 
  • [14:25] – Be sure you can actually deliver what you’ve promised. You’d be surprised how often this step is missed
  • [19:15] – Creating fans and lifetime customers 
  • [24:23] – Go and talk with your customers. Even consider reaching out to those who may have left you
  • [27:04] – Action Items 
  • [28:40] – Tom’s Bookshelf

Your Homework

Ariana’s Homework

  • Ask your current customers – what is one thing I could be doing to serve you better right now?

Tom’s Homework

  • Map out your customer journey

Tom’s Bookshelf

Never Lose A Cusotmer Again

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Key Insights

  • Create more than customers, learn how to create fans! 
  • Be sure to deliver what you’ve promised and continue to curate relationships with those customers 
  • Continuing to work hard for your customers will keep them coming back again and again 

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