How to use Real Estate Investing to Quit Your Job and Live the Dream Life w/ Dustin Heiner - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

How to use Real Estate Investing to Quit Your Job and Live the Dream Life w/ Dustin Heiner

Apr 25, 2018 | Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

Real estate investing is one of the many great ways to create your ideal life.  Today, Dustin Heiner joins us to discuss how to use real estate investing to build your ideal lifestyle.

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:10] – Welcome
  • [01:10] – Meet Dustin
  • [14:49] – Using real estate investing to quit your job and start living your dream life
  • [15:32] – “It took me 6 years of really working hard, getting 19 properties and then I was able to surpass my income” Dustin – discussing how things are not always as clean and effortless as they seem on tv
  • [21:40] – “I sacrificed for a few more years [than I wanted to] so that I knew my family and I had plenty of money.” – Dustin
  • [28:36] – “What people don’t realize is that you can design and structure your business so that it’s not you getting those calls at 2am!” – Tom, on hiring outside for all aspects of your real estate business
  • [33:33] –  Common mistakes
  • [35:29] – “It is actually very hard to lose if you actually know what you’re doing.” – Dustin, on moving past the fear of failure
  • [36:50] – “All you really need is from an elementary school education. As long as you can subtract and add… it’s really just expense vs. income.” – Dustin
  • [42:00] – The biggest challenges you may face
  • [42:31] – Learning to take the emotion out of it
  • [46:10] –  “As soon as I implemented [the right] systems, my income started being stable and I could count on it.” – Dustin

Guest Bio

Dustin Heiner is the Founder of Master Passive Income, a real estate investing website that teaches people how to invest in real estate. After just 8 years investing in real estate, he had enough money to quit his job. At age 37, he quit his job and now teaches others how to become financially independent and never need to work a job again. He shares all his experiences, successes and failures, on his blog, best selling books, podcast, courses, etc. With his real estate business, he only works about 1 hour a month and allows his automatic business run on its own by employing others to do the work.

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Key Insights

  • Investing to quit working
  • The common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Challenges you may face when getting into real estate and how to plan to combat them

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