Identifying Opportunities & Taking Action w/ Dale Hensel - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Identifying Opportunities & Taking Action w/ Dale Hensel

Mar 28, 2018 | Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

Entrepreneurs must be able to identify opportunities and take action, even in the face of fear and uncertainty. Dale Hensel, serial entrepreneur, investor and rainmaker, joins us to share his experience in these areas.

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:49] – Welcome
  • [05:30] – Finding Opprotunity
  • [07:15] – “People are the best source of opportunity” – Dale Hensel
  • [09:27] – “A specific pain that is that level of a visceral reaction, their going to say I’ll pay money to get rid of that.”
  • [09:54] -“Successful entrepreneurs are always seeing opportunities because we’ve trained our brain that way.” – Tom Sylvester
  • [10:35] – Training your brain for patterns of opprotunity
  • [13:24] –  7 Steps for Opprotunity Creation
  • [23:57] – Pushing Past Fear
  • [25:28] – “The worst situations really aren’t that bad.  In America, you can be totally broke, down on your luck, living in a van down by the river, for about 2 weeks.  Then you can get a job, and two weeks later you can get an apartment.  A month or two later, you will have a car.  And a couple months later you’ll be back on your feet.” Dale
  • [26:23] – “Fear is just a message.  It’s not reality.”
  • [28:44] – “If I start in the morning [with a new idea], by 3 o’clock I already want action happening.  From 9-12 I want to learn, and from 12-3 I want to figure out who and how.” – Dale
  • [30:50] – “You know the least about something at the very beginning.  It doesn’t matter how much you plan, you will ALWAYS know more once you start taking action.” – Tom
  • [34:11] –  “Why do you go into business n the first place?  You don’t go into business so that you can have a $100 workweek.  You go into business because you have a dream of trying to get someplace.  People stop somewhere short of the dream because they get caught up in the minutia.  They are in the machine.  They are now part of the machine.  And they are never able to build the machine bigger to pay them without them behind around.” – Dale
  • [36:15] – “Stop running your business with baby steps.” – Dale
  • [39:20] – “What if it doesn’t work?  And then what?  Well, then I won’t have any money.  And then what?  Well I’ll lose my house?  And then what?  Well I’ll be living in a van down by the river.  And then what?  Well, I guess I’d have to start over.  And then what?  I’d get a job.  And then what?  I’d get another house and I’d get another car.  And I have another life and now I’m smarter.  By going through this, the fear gets very small and you take it to the point of ridiculousness.”  – Dale
  • [44:01] – Why Most Dont
  • [48:47] –  “What I want to know is how are you firing yourself from your business faster?  People need to grasp the concept that their business is not a job that they want to keep.” – Dale
  • [49:00] – “Your buisness is not a job you want to keep.”  – Dale
  • [56:10] – “If you do these things consistently, you will be inevtiable welathy.  Keep swinging.  You’ll miss a bunch, but eventually you will hit a home run.” – Dale
  • [57:45] –  “You’ve gotta put yourself in the situation for greatness to happen.” – Tom
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Key Insights

  • Finding and Seeing Opprotunity Everywhere!
  • Pushing past the fear & doubts to take action on them
  • Why most people don’t or can’t think that way

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