Want to Build the Business that 
FINALLY Gives You Your Freedom? 
If you're an entrepreneur who is looking to launch your product or service and start making sales...  
This page may just change your life.
Are you ready to start making sales &
grow your business to $2,500/month (and beyond)?
With Tom & Ariana Sylvester
Want to Build the Business that FINALLY Gives You Your Freedom? 
If you're an entrepreneur who has successfully started running your business and making money...

Then you already have what it takes to grow that income and achieve your BIG goals, without burning out, sacrificing time with your family, or having to stay in a job forever!
Are you ready to get off the "Rollercoaster Ride of Inconsistency", Reach a Stable Income, and Grow to 2k, 5k or Even 10k Months and beyond?!
This Program Gives You What You Need To Create 
Your Product or Service and Start Making Sales!
Structured over 12 weeks, this will guide you through everything you need to start making sales, including:
Lesson 1
How to Establish Routines & Mindset for Success
We will start things out by helping you uncover mindsets and habits that will help you succeed in your business (and life).
Lesson 2
How to Set Personal & Business Goals
You will then spend some time getting clear on the future vision for both your life, as well as your business.  You will learn how to create a road map and break down large goals into incremental goals.
Lesson 3
Define Your Business Model
With your goals set, you will next brainstorm and define your business model, including diving deeper into who your business will serve and what it needs to look like to allow you to create more freedom in your life.
Lesson 4
Define Your Customer Journey & Solutions Suite
You will next define the journey that you customer will go on to achieve their desired result and create a set of solutions (products and/or services) to help your customers get there.
Lesson 5
Begin Customer Validation
It is now time to go out and begin validating your ideal customer, as well as the solution(s) that you plan to create.  You will find potential customers and begin confirming your assumptions.
Lesson 6
Continue Customer Validation
Finding customers never stops.  We will provide you with additional ways to find new potential customers and continue to build your list of people to sell to.
Lesson 7
Design Onboarding & Delivery
Setup your systems and prepare to bring new customers in and deliver your product or service to them.
Lesson 8
Prepare to Sell
With confirmation of your initial solution, you will prepare to sell your product to your initial set of customers.
Lesson 9
Hold Sales Calls
You will then begin holding sales calls with people who seemed interested in your product, with a goal of getting your initial set of customers.
Lesson 10
Continue Sales Calls
You will continue to hold sales calls to maximize the number of initial customers that you have.
Lesson 11
Kick Off
You will get your customers started with the product or service and provide them with a great experience.
Lesson 12
Customer Support & Next Steps
You will continue supporting customers and start planning out your next steps to create ravings fans with these customers and attract your next set of customers.
Over the course of working with us, we will give you the steps and help you work through all the kinks and blocks that are preventing you from being able to start making sales!

We will help you focus on the right things and cut out all of the distractions that aren't helping you make money.
That's what helped Kirsty Briscoe.

"I increased my membership by 50%, just over DOUBLED my previous highest revenue month.  Spent more QUALITY time with my kids.  Worked less, & stressed less." 
Lifestyle Builders is not just another DIY program, it's guided mentorship.
Here's the thing: there is an alarming number of entrepreneurs who are solely seeking "passive" income.  So they launch a training program and don't provide much support beyond a few basic training courses.
You don't need another generic membership program.
Or a set of training videos.
Or a community where the founders are nowhere to be found when you have questions or need support.
What you do need is guidance and accountability from entrepreneurs who have been there, not a training program from someone who took a training program and then decided to teach it.

We built 2 successful businesses and consulted for nearly a dozen Fortune 500 companies before we ever thought about offering coaching to entrepreneurs.  

We really wanted to make sure that we knew our stuff and could perform at a high level before we ever offered our services to help entrepreneurs.

Other programs make the promise of making "six figures on autopilot".

They talk about how easy it is to just create an offer, run some Facebook ads to a webinar, then just sit back and make money while you sleep.

The problem is... most people never make money with this method.  Instead they spend months or years, thousands or tens of thousands, and get demoralized.

If you are sick of empty promises of easy buttons and are ready to put in the work to actually start making sales, click the button below.
What Members Are Saying
Sarah Made 5X More After Joining!

"I realized today that since getting coaching from Tom and then joining the Lifestyle Builders, I now make 5 times what I made when I first met you. That's incredible to me, and I know a HUGE part of that has to do with coaching I've received from BOTH of you - around business, mindset and how to ask questions and how to present myself. Thank you"
Rick Had Increased Clarity From 1 Call

"I had a call with Tom and I got clarity on a couple things that have been twirling around in my brain-space.  

I'm shocked at how much came from that one call.  I'm still in awe at the clarity that came from it, compared to the chaos that was brewing, both mentally and emotionally.

Thanks Tom & Ariana, you guys make a difference."
One Of Nuno's Best Investments

"No man is an island.  We all need to be part of a community to thrive.  After trying different types of support and coaching, I can say that Tom and Ariana are possibly the best out there.  

Some talk, but they did the walk.  That gives Tom and Ariana an inside view to help you in your success. 

Get in there." 
Who Is It For?
We created the Lifestyle Builders Incubator as a way to help more people get their first (or next) product/service launched and making sales.

The Lifestyle Builders Incubator may be a great fit for you if...   
  • You Haven't Started Your Business: The program is designed to get you started on the right foot from the beginning.
  • You Have Started, But Are Stuck: If you've been building your business, but no matter how hard you work, people just don't seem to buy.
  •  You Need Support/Accountability: It can be tough to keep things going when you are your boss.  The community is focused on holding each other accountable and providing support and accountability.
Who Are We?
 We are the husband + wife team behind Lifestyle Builders, where we help entrepreneurs create more impact with their business and more freedom in their lives.

We are married.  We are parents.  We are entrepreneurs.

We became entrepreneurs 12+ years ago and currently run 3 different businesses (in addition to raising two awesome kiddos).  Back then Tom was all about being an entrereneur, while I was the reluctant spouse.  Over time, we were able to align on what our ideal life looked like and take the steps to make it a reality.

We believe that you shouldn't have to settle when creating the life that you want for you and your family.  We also believe that now more than ever there is the opportunity for families to opt-out of the "traditional path" of high school -> college -> 45+ year career -> (hopefully) retirement.

It took us 10+ years, but we've been able to achieve financial freedom and both leave our 9-5 jobs.  Outside of spending time with our kids, we now focus the majorty of our time on helping other families to build the business they need for the life that they crave.
Real Guidance. Real Knowledge.
From People Who Care About 
YOUR Success.
Still Have Questions?
"Can I Afford It?"

If it is important, you will find a way.  If it isn't, you will find an excuse.

Starting a business takes money (regardless of what anyone tells you), but it is now easier and cheaper than ever to get started.

How much did you spend to attend college?  For us, it was $60,000 in student loans.

When Tom invested in his first real estate investment training, he spent $7,500, in addition to the additional nearly $10,000 to purchase our first investment property.

For a fraction of either of those investments, you can get started selling your own products or services.
"Will I Have Enough Time?"
In addition to money, build a business also tales time.

With that said, we developed this program with busy entrepreneurs in mind!

We don't want you stuck in multiple modules with day-long training sessions. This is meant to be there for you, when you need it!
  •  Can't Make a Group Call? No worries, submit your questions ahead and we'll still answer them live on the call, and then post up the recording!
  •  Feel Like Your Schedule is Too Full? We'll show you how to find MORE time, use it wisely and prioritize to fit things in.
  •  Quick, Actionable Training: We know first hand the time constraints when you've got a job AND a family AND are trying to run a business. Our trainings are set up for you to learn what you need as you need it, and then go implement!
"Is Lifestyle Builders Right For Me?"
Are you ready to set aside your fears, and trust someone to guide you on your journey?

Are you ready to work hard and sacrifice a little bit now, so you can have the life you dream of sooner?

Are you prepared to do what it takes (long hours, frustrating set backs, tough conversations) to get where you need to be?

And are you fed up with getting stuck, feeling lost & being lonely while you build this thing?
If you nodded through any (or all) of those Q's, I think you know the answer...
"The best way to predict your future is to create it"
~Peter Drucker
What does Christi Bender think?

"If you take the time to invest with Tom and Ariana, they will provide you with both a strategic and emotional ROI that you can't beat!" 
"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."
~Mandy Hale
If you are ready to become a #LifestyleBuilder and and change the path you're on...
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