Four Journeys, Challenges, and Lessons Learned: A Couples Roundup - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Four Journeys, Challenges, and Lessons Learned: A Couples Roundup

Sep 28, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

After a month of KILLER interviews, we needed a good old roundup to tie up loose ends. Join us and 4 of our awesome couples for some never before heard GOLD!
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Nick & Wendy Pearson [Find them at 2:42]

We are Nick and Wendy Pearson, together we own and operate Endless Inspirations. While we would love to dazzle you with numerous awards and accolades, we are really just simple people who love each other and enjoy a simple life. A big part of that life is laughing, crafting, woodworking, and having fun creating.

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Shelsey Jarvis & Max Cayer [Find them at 8:27]

Shelsey Jarvis is an Intuitive Money Mindset coach, and Max is a post-production editor for entrepreneurs, and a record label owner. Shelsey and Max have been married for 9 years, together for 11, and they live in Castlegar, BC. They also have two adorable rugrats, Liam (6) and Emma (3). Entrepreneurship wasn’t always part of the game, but Shelsey started dabbling in it shortly after they got married. Although Max supported her, it was a point of tension until Max lost his job in October 2017 and decided to jump into the entrepreneurship boat with her, and realized he had a talent and a love for it. He edits audio and video, and runs his label, alongside Shelsey while she coaches her clients (well…maybe not literally alongside, for their sanity’s sake ;))

Matt & Allison Owen [Find them at 15:05]

Matt and Alli Owen left their six-figure engineering jobs to travel the Americas in their bright red Sprinter van, Clifford. They balance their time between helping millennials get out of debt through their coaching services and education programs at Owen Your Future and helping people treat themselves on the keto diet through their baked goods company Primal Noms.

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Erin & Mike Kelly [Find them at 21:55]

Mike & Erin Kelly are the founders of MemberVault, a relationship marketing platform disrupting how we look at selling and engaging online using a binge & buy marketplace for your free and paid products, engagement tracking to know what your peeps are up to, and gamification strategies to make it all more fun.

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