Lessons Learned From The First Three “Member Stories”

Jul 5, 2017 | Guest Post

What’s up you guys? Famous Ashley Grant here taking over Tom and Ariana’s blog. I wanted to jump in and share with you lessons I’ve learned from the first three member stories that they have shared in their Facebook group Family Entrepreneur Life.


For those of you who don’t know (shame on you), Family Entrepreneur Life is this power couple’s free space on the interwebs they created for entrepreneurs who want to build a business while keeping their family as their first priority!


Since making the rebranding change from Serial Startups to Family Entrepreneur Life they have been doing Facebook Lives that they call Member Stories. And, I have to tell you if the first three are any indication of what’s to come from this amazing group, I’m certainly glad I’m a member! If you’re getting FOMO right about now, you can apply to join here.


Without further ado, below you’ll find my top three takeaways from the first three Member Stories!


Member Stories E1 With Christine McAlister of Life With Passion


(link to her LIVE)


1. There’s no shame in getting a job while you’re trying to launch a business. Christine didn’t know how to start her own business, so for her it made the most sense to get a job at the same time as launching an online marketing business. She actually combined her passion for horses with passion for copywriting into the perfect starter business for herself.  

2. If you look closely at your why, you may be able to determine the perfect business for you. Christine’s why of freedom of schedule, freedom to be a mom, freedom to choose her hours and clients, and her passion to help everyone find their dream jobs all came together to help her ultimately form the business she has today of Life With Passion.

3. It’s okay to not listen to the so called gurus in your business. You have to do what really works best for you. Christine confessed she wasted time and resources she didn’t need to because she thought she was supposed to follow the models she had seen online. Sometimes your intuition is smarter than you give it credit for.

Member Stories E2 with Bobby Donohue of FuelBlue

(link to his LIVE)


1. Your ideal clients will understand that family comes first. Bobby was LIVE on Facebook when he had to pause to give his daughter some love before a gymnastics meet. He told the group he’d be right back, and then explained why he was away for a moment, and his audience completely understood and loved him more for it.


2. Having the support of your spouse/partner is critical for your success. It’s incredibly hard to work well in your business when your spouse/partner isn’t on board with your dreams. Bobby says that his wife has always been his sounding board, and has always been rooting for his success which helps him to work harder and achieve more.


3. Pivoting is okay in your business. When you love something a lot in your business, it can emerge as the main thing you do, even when you started doing something else. Bobby started doing web stuff, but video became THE thing he loved and knew the most. Therefore, it only made sense for it to become the thing he does in his business.


Member Stories E3 with Nathalie & Olivier Doremieux of New Software Marketing


(link to their live)


1. Sometimes you have to try lots of things to find what works for your business. Coaches can often help you decide the best next steps forward in your business if you’re struggling and feeling like you just don’t know what to do next.

2. You need family time. Balance might not exist per se, but you have to set boundaries for family time. For example, if you want to be able to pick up your kids from school by a certain time or have family time start by 6 p.m. you have to choose to set your business up that way or it will never happen. Yes, you have to focus on your business, but you’ve also got to make the decisions about what really matters and work around those things.

3. We are often blind to our own businesses because of our limiting beliefs. It’s so easy to see things that will work for others, but sometimes because we’re so busy living and working in our own lives we struggle to see how we can make things better. An outside perspective can be extremely helpful in that respect because it’s just sometimes too hard to see how to fix the situation we’re in.

4. Bonus takeaway because this was just so great – Try your idea and see if it works to get feedback and validate your ideas. Done is better than perfect! Quit being a perfectionist, and just start testing things. You’ll never know what works until you start trying something.


Did you watch the first three Member Stories? If so, what were your key takeaways? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. And, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the future stories. Until next time, may your businesses be successful, and your family lives be filled with happiness and love.

Ashley Grant has been a writer for hire since 2007, and a ghost writer since 2014. Though she is based in Tampa, Fla., she loves the fact that remote work like freelance writing allows her to work anywhere with WiFi. When she’s not writing for others, she’s writing for herself on her Famous Ashley Grant lifestyle blog.