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The Life Planner

A Simple Two-Page Plan to Create Your Ideal Life

The Life Planner

Tony Robbins, famed self-help coach, has a simple yet genius formula for happiness.

Your Current Circumstances = Your Life Blueprint

What does he mean by this?  Basically, if your life as it stands matches how you want it to look, then you will be happy.  If not, then you have a few options:

1. Change Your Blueprint: You can change the blueprint (expectations) for your life to match your current circumstances.  This is basically saying to be grateful for your life as it is.

2. Change Your Current Circumstances: You can change what your life looks like today, moving you closer towards your life blueprint.  This is basically saying move closer to the life that you want.

3. Change Both: The third option is to change both your current situation and your life blueprint until they align.  You can made adjustments to both to allow you to be happy.

Which option you pick matter less than having clarity the two parts of the formula.  When you understand your current circumstances and your life blueprint, you can then decide what changes to make to create more happiness in your life.  More often than not, happiness comes from being grateful for what your life currently looks like, while also striving yours your goals.

This is why we created the Life Planner.  It is a two-page worksheet that helps you get clear on the life that you desire, where you are today, and helps you plan a path from the life you have to the life that you desire.

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Life Planner

This simple two-page template will help you clarify and create a roadmap to create your ideal life.

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