Love Logically and Go All In with Alex & Leila Hormozi - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Love Logically and Go All In with Alex & Leila Hormozi

Sep 27, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

How do you make your love life work when you start your relationship as business partners?  Alex & Leila Hormozi join us today to discuss how they made this work

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:33] – Welcome
  • [01:23] – Meet Leila and Alex
  • [04:25] – The timeline
  • [07:10] – 3 weeks into the business, a relationship blossomed
  • [08:43] – “Everyone wants 100 new clients until you actually GET 100 new clients.” – Alex
  • [09:44] – How the relationship evolved from the business
  • [10:23] – Creating roles and discovering the “ideal day” as a couple
  • [11:04] – Loving logically 
  • [13:44] – Super speed level growth!
  • [16:00] – Prioritizing the realtionship
  • [16:27] – “There gets to a point where there is so much work to do, 1 person will make no dent in it.” – Alex
  • [18:33] – “Our mission is what we’re doing right now. Our purpose in life is 100% aligned with our business right now.” – Leila 
  • [24:49] – Key takeaway
    • Leila – Put a lot of effort into your relationship and keep working on it, just like a business
    • Alex – Be open and honest in establishing your relationship
  • [27:22] – Where to find Leila and Alex

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Guest Bio

Alex & Leila Hormozi are Co-CEOs of Gym Launch – specializing in high ticket lead gen and sales with his elite sales staff for bootcamps, crosscuts and small group training studios. They help gyms get from zero to capacity in 30 days or less. When Alex started his first gym and realized his rent was more than what he had left in his bank account, he learned fast that he needed to figure out a way to turn leads into, walk ins, into sales. And he did. Since then he closed 4000 1:1 sales, trained a sales team of 10 guys to do the same, and NOW runs Gym Launch. Leila is one of those people who can make a decision to grow, and do it instantaneously…she can also use these superpowers to elicit loyalty & extreme performance

and ownership from the team she coaches. Whenever there is growth curve like the one at Gym Launch, everyone looks to the sales and marketing…but the smart ones look to the operations. Scaling a company 30% month over month takes a herculean effort…and if you’re looking for the Hercules in Gym Launch, you found it.

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