About Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Tom & Ariana Sylvester are Lifestyle Builders, entrepreneurs and business consultants. With three thriving (and very different) businesses of their own, Tom & Ariana each bringing a variety of experience & knowledge.

The couple graduated from SUNY Oswego together in 2006—Tom with a bachelor’s in computer science and Ariana with a bachelor’s in Zoology—and were married in 2008.

Tom continued his love of learning and business with a master’s in management in 2012 from Nazareth University. He then went on to expand his experience in the corporate world consulting with Fortune 500 executives and their teams, and uses the wealth of knowledge gained there to continue helping entrepreneurs around the globe.

Ariana grew her experience by subsequently managing the day-to-day of each of their businesses: a real estate company, a retail wine & liquor store, and the business coaching company, while also raising their 2 kids. 

The couple resides with their children and pets in Rochester, NY, where you can find Tom playing video games in their home theater and Ariana watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory…Bazinga.

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Tom's Bio

Tom is a co-founder of Lifestyle Builders™, a coaching and training company that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses to create more impact with their customers and more freedom in their lives. Over the past 15 years,  Tom has helped with thousands of business leaders and their teams create more success, from Fortune 500 companies to startups.  During this time, Tom has honed and refined his philosophies, models, and strategies for growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Tom and his wife Ariana share their philosophies and guidance for entrepreneurs on their Lifestyle Builders™ podcast, their upcoming book Lifestyle Builders™: Build Your Business, Quit Your Job, & Create Your Ideal Life, as well as through their coaching and consulting programs.

Ariana's Bio

Not your typical Entrepreneur, she’s the Reality Checker & partner for her crazy Entrepreneur husband Tom. Lover of Iced Chai Lattes, DIY crafting, bursting out in song, and The Big Bang Theory series; Ariana went from a Zoology degree to becoming the secret behind the businesses & is the brain of all the day-day operations. She manages all 3 of their businesses from home, while helping raise their 2 young children. Together with Tom, she runs a rental property business with 18 units, a wine & liquor store, and an online coaching & training business for entrepreneurs. She loves nothing more than helping entrepreneurs to paint their “big picture” vision, find their focus, and prioritize their tasks, so they can find a process that works for them while building their business and managing their family (without sacrificing one for the other).


Interviews & Speaking

Tom & Ariana are available for interviews and presentations, either together or individually.  To request an interview or to have them speak at your event, complete and submit the form below.

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Suggested Topics

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  • How to get your spouse on board with your business idea
  • Find Your Freedom: How to determine your Freedom Number and determine when you can leave your job
  • Concept to Cash: How to validate your business idea and turn it into sales
  • Setup Your Systems: How to leverage systems and processes to organize and grow your business
  • Quit Your Cubicle: How to leave your job and transition into the life of an entrepreneur
  • Stop Self Sabotage: How to avoid and overcome the challenges that stop us from living our ideal lives
  • Lifestyle Builders GPS: A step-by-step roadmap through the stages of business growth
  • Strategy, Execution, Optimization: A framework for growing your business

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