Online vs Offline - Where Are My People? with Nuno Pires - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Online vs Offline – Where Are My People? with Nuno Pires

Oct 17, 2018 | Execution, Marketing, Podcast, Sales

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Episode Brief Description

Once you’ve narrowed down who your ideal customer is, how do you find them?  Join us as we help Lifestyle Builders Nuno Pires work through this challenge

Lifestyle Builders

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:28] – Welcome
  • [01:04] – Meet Nuno
  • [03:34] – Journey to becoming a Lifestyle Builder
  • [06:36] – Where to focus
  • [08:02] – Planning and prioritizing
  • [08:50] – “If you try to play too many instruments at the same time, you never become good at something.” – Nuno
  • [09:45] –  Looking ahead and filtering tasks to achieve goals
  • [12:00] – Creating relationships with clients – local first, social media to supplement
  • [15:40] – Learning your clients needs
  • [20:59] – Finding THEIR why
  • [24:03] – Customizing, being different and standing out
  • [28:48] – How to spot the signs of your clients needs
  • [32:29] –  Key Action – Building the foundation with clients
  • [34:26] –  Where to find Nuno
Guest Bio My name is Nuno Pires, and I am a sport, Performance Coach I’m from Portugal, I travelled to Ireland to visit a friend 11 Years ago, and I’m living in Dublin since then With a background in mixed martial artist I’m a black belt. I love NLP, Personal Coaching, Hypnosis and Sports Psychology. My primary role is personal empowerment, helping clients to transform their lives They will gain mental strength becoming winners in sport and life. My motto is from Worrier to Warrior to Winner
Key Insights
  • Join our very own Lifestyle Builder, Nuno, on his journey to excellence
  • Learn how to best prioritize where you are in your business
  • Discover the best ways to create lasting reltinships with your clients

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