Priorities First - Building a Business While Enjoying Life - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Priorities First – Building a Business While Enjoying Life

Oct 22, 2018 | Lifestyle Design, Podcast, Strategy | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

How can you make sure that you are enjoying your life now while also working hard to achieve not only freedom, but also your big goals?  Join us as we share how to do just that

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:30] – Welcome
  • [04:48] – Start living your life now 
  • [06:04] – Designing your life and becoming intentional
  • [08:00] – Break things into smaller pieces so it doesn’t feel daunting
  • [09:20] – Our Friday Family Field Trips 
  • [10:20] – Creating visions in 4 categories
    • Things to have
    • Experiences
    • Relationships 
    • Impact 
  • [12:10] – Learning to decipher urgent vs important 
  • [17:34] – SWOT analysis
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats 
  • [20:01] – Creating routines for life
  • [25:52] – Creating routines for work time
  • [29:38] – Action Items
  • [31:14] – Bookshelf

Your Homework

Ariana’s Homework

  • Try to filter a weeks worth of urgent vs important things, and at the end of the week, try to create a system to better manage them for the future.

Tom’s Homework

  • Implement 1 routine that will become a foundational routine.

Tom’s Bookshelf

Lifestyle Builders

Key Insights

  • Create systems to allow you to better understand your priorities, in life and business
  • Discover the difference between urgent items and important items
  • Become intentional in creating habitds and routines to achieve your goals 

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