Q&A - 90 Day Goals, List Building, Reaching Out to Ideal Clients - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Q&A – 90 Day Goals, List Building, Reaching Out to Ideal Clients

Jun 13, 2018 | Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

In this Q&A Episode, we discuss how to stick with your 90 day goals, how to build a list with authenticity, and how to find and reach out to ideal clients

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:51] – Welcome
  • [01:11] – Question 1 – How can I commit to a 90 Day Goal Plan? I keep finding myself with distractions that take me off course. 
  • [02:05] – Ask yourself why you are getting distracted? Do you have shiny object syndrome? Are you over run with too many new ideas?
  • [03:34] – Start implementing weekly check ins – this will let you better see if you are on track to achieve your 90 day goal
    • Check in with your financials
    • Realize there may be a lagging metric that you will need to plan for to avoid in the future
    • Lead indiciator – track your key tasks that will help you reach your goal
  • [06:24] – Accountability
    • Find a partner to check in with
    • Group memberships can connect you with other accountability partners
  • [10:52] – Question 2 – How can I focus on list building when I feel like I’m more of an introvert and don’t love sharing my story?
  • [11:40] – Authenticity – Staying true to yourself will automatically attract the people you want
  • [13:19] – Find where your people are coming from. Use google analytics and follow their trail to you
  • [17:10] – Step out of your comfort zone!
    • Pick from all of the options to gain visibility and choose the one that fits you best, without making you completely uncomfortable
    • Be a guest on a podcast, or join a facebook live
  • [19:45] – Question 3 – How can I expand my Facebook reach to include those who don’t necessarily agree with me?
  • [20:20] – Branch out beyond Facebook
    • Converting someone is usually very challenging and difficult to navigate, espeically on social media
  • [21:52] – Educate and find middle ground
    • Focus on the benefit of your way
    • Find out where they established their ideas or beliefs
  • [24:00] – Target those who are just outside the scope of your view, as they will be open to new ideas
  • [26:33] – Target an age group
    • Find people who are not yet in the situation, but will be
    • Find those who are most impressionable – millenials, for example
  • [27:28] – Niche down your ideal client and find out what they are searching for and where they hang out online

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Key Insights

  • Keep yourself on track with a 90 Day Goal plan
  • Discover ways to stand out without putting yourself completely out of your comfort zone
  • How to seek out your own opposing views and how you can connect with them

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