Q&A - Niching Down, Growing an Agency, and Setting Challenging Goals - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Q&A – Niching Down, Growing an Agency, and Setting Challenging Goals

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Episode Brief Description

We answer 3 questions submitted from listeners, including how far should you niche down, how to transition from working in your agency to being the owner, and how to set challenging business goals.

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:51] – Welcome
  • [01:44 – Question 1 – How can I niche my business down even more?
  • [03:34] – Attract the ideal client
  • [04:48] – Once you have decided on your niche, search out the key words others are using to describe it
  • [05:23] – Think about creating a tagline or manifesto
  • [08:25] – Question 2 – What is your best strategy for goiing from owner operated to outsourcing?
  • [10:30] – Look at your current role in your business and the role you eventually want to play
  • [12:02] – Passing tasks to someone else can sometimes help your business grow better and faster!
  • [14:01] – Decide on the size you eventually want your business to be and search out others that are, paying close attention to how many employees they have in order to run successfully
  • [15:10] – Time audit for a week, paying attention to tasks that could be passed off to someone else
  • [16:12] – Find employees who align with your values and mission. Anyone can learn tasks with the proper training.
  • [24:54] – Question 3 – How can I set challenging goals?
  • [26:18] – Take a look at your current goals and why you are focused on them. This will give you a better idea of the impact you are looking to make
  • [27:25] – Push your current goals until they feel a bit uncomfortable, and think about enacting the “Good, Better, Best” approach
  • [33:30] – Create a check in system. Goal plan with another business owner or consider hiring a coach
  • [36:32] – Brain dump to get a better idea of where you want to be

A big thank you to those who submitted questions for the show!

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Key Insights

  • Exploring ways to niche down your business effectively
  • How to outsource and grow your business
  • Ways to set goals and goal tracking to build your business and your focus

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