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Q&A With Lifestyle Builders

Aug 8, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

We answer 3 questions submitted from listeners, including how far should you niche down, how to transition from working in your agency to being the owner, and how to set challenging business goals.

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:29] – Welcome
  • [01:28] – Question 1I’m still working on the Scorecard and I’m feeling very stuck because most of what I can put on there is just “in theory”. Nothing I do at the moment works all the time or even in a way I’ve ever tracked in order to say … if I do “X”, I will get “Y”.

    I can email my list one month and do great with sales and then another month crickets (or part of the month). I don’t have enough consistency of product at the moment to really know what works, other than that I can sell my membership consistently but the income on that isn’t enough to set as the main goal yet.

    I feel like these plans should include “sure things” and that I don’t know that I have at the moment, so maybe I have more work to do and tracking to set up before I’m ready for the scorecard?

  • [11:30] – Question 2Another Q: would you recommend ClickFunnels? I considered them about three website builders ago and it is frustrating rebuilding when one becomes unstable or just quits working. Two reasons I didn’t pick them were price and concern of it being yet another platform. I really prefer to keep stuff on my own domain if possible. I do love the community and the seven comma club motivation of that kind of prize. I do much better in contest and challenge than just left to do my own thing.
  • [20:25] – Question 3What is the best workshop structure you have seen?

    50-50 Theory/Implementation?

    30-70 Theory/Implementation?

  • [24:09] – Question 4Q…Has anyone had experience running a contest with good results?
  • [30:49] – Question 5 I know that I have potential clients who are interested in the services that I offer, however, I need to start selling and fast. I’ve spent enough time validating ideas and planning out products/services. I’m ready to hit the ground running and I’ve been striving to start off right. I know that I could benefit from a business development coach and have made strides in getting one for next month. I need to sell and have begun my marketing strategy for the weekend as well as participate in events as a speaker to publicize my services. I have been knee deep in the trenches of work, but I’m looking to reap at least some of the benefits sooner than later. I don’t know if I necessarily have a question, but I would love to know what else I could do to set myself up for success.
  • [37:54] – Question 6
    When doing a launch of a service, any suggestions for how to incorporate affiliate aspects into it? Is it worth getting a software or plugin for it or could I simply use a discount code specific to individuals and pay them via PayPal?
  • [40:48] – Question 7
    When doing a public talk best way to attract/create potential clients?
  • [44:40] – Question 8
    I mostly have low priced products and currently working on a course. And I still have the membership. How do you know where to lead ppl to (in funnels) when you have multiple products?
  • [54:40] -Question 9To grow or throw… I have a Facebook group of 2,000 members I manage that I honestly have neglected lately. Thus engagement is low. I still convert some into paying members through monthly webinars. Considering whether to keep it or not. I hate throwing out 2,000 leads, but worry about the time investment involved in reviving it. Thoughts?
  • [1:04:08] – Some insights into our annual goal planning process
  • [1:07:50] – For the goal breakdown sheet, what do you use and leading and lagging indicators?
  • [1:09:50] – How would leading and lagging indicators apply to a product launch if I don’t know the numbers until launch week?
  • [1:12:45] – Diving into why a member didn’t see their waitlist as a good predictor of sales.
  • [1:16:25] – Common objections to purchasing of money or not seeing enough value

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