Side Hustling & Successful Sales Calls w/ Sherri Martinez - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Side Hustling & Successful Sales Calls w/ Sherri Martinez

Jul 25, 2018 | Execution, Podcast, Sales

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Episode Brief Description

Managing a side business can be a challenge when you have a full-time job.  And learning to sell can be one of the biggest challenges. In this episode we chat with Lifestyle Builder Sherri Martinez about both of these

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:37] – Welcome
  • [00:42] – Meet Sherri
  • [02:41] – Journey to becoming a lifestyle builder 
  • [05:56] – Working a 9-5 and your part time side business simultaneously 
    • Have a set schedule, if possible
  • [07:31] – Learning how to be flexible with time, using vacation time and lunch breaks to ensure your side business can expand hours when needed 
  • [09:40] – Maximizing time
    • Schedule calls during commute time
    • Open up your lunch hour for 15 or 30 minute discovery calls
  • [13:04] –  Making the most out of networking and coffee chats
  • [18:15] – Intro Calls
    • Ask questions as opposed to talking at your client
    • Are we a good fit? 
    • Who is your ideal client? 
    • What are your goals? 
    • Why did you pick me for this discovery call today?
    • Even if the client does not pan out, they will have left the call with the needed clarity to continue their path
  • [23:01] – How your discovery calls can actually help YOU
  • [25:51] – Challenges
    • Hours vs Value
    • When pricing feels awkward
  • [33:19] – Exploring workarounds for potential No’s
    • Do not be afraid to ask why. If pricing is the issue, consider offering payment plans
  • [40:19] – Package Pricing vs Hourly 
    • Show the value of their time and how you can save them time AND money
    • Frame price as “investment” not “cost” 
  • [44:04] –  Where to find Sherri

Guest Bio

I help entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with email funnels and content marketing strategy find clarity and set up effective, automated marketing systems, that help them get in front of their audience and make money.

Key Insights

  • Join us for a chat with our very own Lifestyle Builder, Sherri Martinez
  • Learn the ways to dominate sales calls and maximize your client sales
  • Explore workarounds for common challenges when making sales pitches

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