“The Guy Behind the Guy” w/ Andy & Nicole Hill - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

“The Guy Behind the Guy” w/ Andy & Nicole Hill

Sep 15, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

How do you get your spouse on board to pay off debt, start a business, and build your ideal lifestyle?  Guests Andy & Nicole Hill discuss the journey of Money, Kids, and Marriage

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:54] – Welcome
  • [01:44] – Meet Andy and Nicole
  • [04:55] – One entrepreneur, one not 
  • [05:36] – The Facebook Poke that changed everything!
  • [07:58] – Financial goals
  • [10:03] – Turning point in the relationship
  • [12:19] –  Knowing your relationship dynamic
  • [16:25] – Core values – they’re not just for business 
  • [18:50] – Being the accountability partner as the spouse who’s not involved 
  • [20:02] – “Sometimes I have the bigger picture, when Andy is still in the weeds. It’s nice for him to have a sounding board.” – Nicole 
  • [21:05] – “There are days when Andy doesn’t love his job.” – Nicole 
  • [22:56] – Setting boundaries
  • [23:18] – “I think I completely underestimated what it would take to create a podcast. Or at least a good one.” – Andy 
  • [25:35] – Compromise, trial and error
  • [30:30] – Creating options 
  • [38:34] – Friendships and family 
    • Dealing with the opinions from those you love 
  • [46:58] – The line between personal and TOO personal 
  • [49:27] – Starring Nicole Hill as “The Middle Man” 
  • [50:57] – Key takeaway
    • Andy – Make it work, for you and your family 
    • Nicole – Be open to new ventures 
  • [54:00] – Where to find Andy and Nicole 

Find Our Guests!

Website: MarriageKidsandMoney.com


Social: on Twitter @AndyHillMKM, and Facebook @AndyHillMKM

Guest Bio

Andy Hill is the host of the Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast which focuses on helping young families build wealth. Outside of writing for his own weekly blog of the same name, his personal finance focused articles have been featured in STAND Magazine, Business Insider, NerdWallet and Rockstar Finance. Trusted as a personal finance influencer by brands such as Quicken Loans, Tomorrow and Credit Sesame, Andy’s message of family financial empowerment has resonated with listeners, readers and viewers across the US. When he’s not “talking money”, Andy enjoys wrestling with his two kids and singing 80’s karaoke with his wife, Nicole. Nicole Hill is professional home organizer living in metro Detroit. When she’s not decluttering people’s lives, she’s raising her two young children and enjoying quality time with her husband of 8 years. In her spare time she likes running races and learning new songs on her ukulele.
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