The Importance of Asking “How” with Vincent & Elizabeth Pugliese - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

The Importance of Asking “How” with Vincent & Elizabeth Pugliese

Sep 22, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Lifestyle Design, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

How can you build the business you need for the life you crave?  Guests Vincent & Elizabeth Pugliese discuss the importance of asking “how” when it comes to challenges

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:47] – Welcome
  • [01:18] – Meet Vincent and Elizabeth
  • [04:30] – The timeline, beginning with freelancing
  • [06:50] – Prioritizing
  • [10:30] – Transitioning in and out through job sharing
  • [12:18] – “We lived off of 1 salary and paid off our debt with our business money.” – Vincent 
  • [15:05] –  The vision ahead
  • [18:50] – Staying at the 9-5 longer than needed
  • [22:00] – Home schooling
  • [24:01] – “Why would we NOT try it?” – Elizabeth
  • [26:30] – “They need to learn how to lead and solve big problems, everything else doesn’t matter.” – Vincent 
  • [29:31] – Continuing to grow
  • [32:04] – Acknowledging strengths and weaknesses 
  • [33:40] – Struggles and learning to switch roles
  • [35:28] – “That’s my biggest struggle, slowing down, turning off, being content but not satisfied.” – Vincent 
  • [38:00] – Prioritizing the relationship
  • [45:29] – Key Takeaway
    • Elizabeth – Get on the same page
    • Vincent – Patience and persistence 
  • [48:10] – Where to find Vincent and Elizabeth

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Guest Bio

Vincent and Elizabeth have run businesses together since 2005, after working together as photojournalists for a newspaper. Their first business was Elizabeth Vincent Photography, shooting weddings, corporate and commercial photography, as well as professional sports. Between the 2 of them they’ve covered some pretty amazing events, including Wrestlemania! the Dalai Lama and Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday party. They now teach other freelancers, entrepreneurs and photographers how to build businesses to create a life of time, money and location freedom through two other businesses. Vincent’s book Freelance to Freedom was published in 2018, and they now run Total Life Freedom- which is a mastermind community for freelancers and entrepreneurs, and The Business of Photography, which helps photographers learn to master the business side of the photography world. Elizabeth and Vincent have been happily married for sixteen years and homeschool their three sons outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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