The Many Faces of Marriage & Business w/ Jason & Audrey Brown - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

The Many Faces of Marriage & Business w/ Jason & Audrey Brown

Sep 18, 2018 | Couples Series, Guest Expert, Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

What happens when you marry an entrepreneur?  Jason and Audrey Brown join us to discuss the sacrifices required and lessons learned on their path to succeeding in life and business

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:29] – Welcome
  • [01:17] – Meet Jason and Audrey
  • [04:45] – The journey into entrepreneurship 
  • [07:34] – Sacrificing the relationship to make the business work… wait, what?
  • [08:40] – Will you marry me? P.S. I’m moving back to my mamas house… wait, WHAT?!
  • [11:01] – Setting very clear expectations to ensure the dynamic worked 
  • [12:45] – Getting aligned on the bigger picture 
  • [13:10] – “I could just tell, the way he spoke early on. He trusts himself more than any corporate job, or corporation. You know, they might go under, or they might go bankrupt. I’ll trust myself, I’ll trust my decisions better. It sounded crazy to me, but I did believe him. I believed in him.” – Audrey 
  • [14:50] – The struggles 
  • [17:00] – Getting serious 
  • [17:23] – “Results speak volumes!” – Jason
  • [18:28] – ACTUALLY getting serious – Audrey’s version (LOL) 
  • [20:33] – Hitting the stride 
  • [22:00] – How keeping the 9-5 allowed for 100% income to go back into the business 
  • [24:17] – “If you ever quit your job and go back to work? I feel you!” – Jason 
  • [25:00] –  Leave your job when the money knocks you over, when you’re actually LOSING money by making money 
  • [26:48] – Creating systems for full time work in part time hours
  • [30:50] – Growing the relationship and becoming a team
  • [34:50] – Future so bright, you gotta wear shades 
  • [38:00] – The freedom to work.. or not to work
  • [41:03] – “For me, I get this itch. Now let’s see if we can be the best. Because its not just about money anymore, I go after legacy and impact now.” – Jason
  • [44:44] – Working with masterminds and creating a co-working space 
  • [50:40] – Key takeaway
    • Audrey – Your marriage is very important. Work on it like its your business
    • Jason – Support your spouse, but be ready to step up to the plate and show them reasonable results for their support in you
  • [54:03] – Where to find Jason and Audrey 

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Guest Bio

Jason has over a decade of stocks and options trading experience and at the age of 23, Jason took a $10,000 student loan and turned it into a six figure trading account. As a result of his passion for teaching others how to unlock the financial power of the stock market and to avoid the mistakes he has made over the years Jason has created his own online trading University. And while Audrey has spent the majority of her life in the government sector working with troubled youth and families in need, she also has her real estate license and has run her own cleaning business in the past. Jason and Audrey Brown have been married five years and they are expecting their first child at the time of this recording.

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