The Money Mindset Myth with Heather Gray - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

The Money Mindset Myth with Heather Gray

May 9, 2018 | Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

You will often hear that you need to work on your “money mindset”.  Today we bust this myth with guest Heather Gray, and also discuss what it means to be the boss of your business.

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:15] – Welcome
  • [01:12] – Meet Heather Gray
  • [05:38] – Being the boss
  • [05:56] – “If we flip the script and get people on board with being the boss from the beginning, everything gets easier from there.” – Heather, on transitioning from having a boss to being a boss
  • [06:56] – “We tend to go back to our pre-determined visions and ideas of what a leader looks like.” – Heather
  • [08:10] – Reacting to the narrative
  • [09:09] – “I don’t actually think there is such a thing as a money mindset problem. It’s more of a ‘Who am I in my own business’ problem.” – Heather
    • Knowing where you want to go, but not knowing how to get there
  • [13:57 – “If I can expect the worst thing that will happen and protect myself from it, maybe it won’t hurt so bad when it happens.” – Heather, on losing confidence when it comes to your own worth in your business.
  • [15:38] – (Once you leave the corporate world) “The buck stops with you.” – Tom
  • [19:41] – “If we can just ask ourselves 1 solitary question… What would the boss do? – then all of the money mindset crap goes right out the window.” – Heather
  • [23:37] – “We have to get over this idea that we are only going to get judged if we’re rich. As business owners, we have to put outselves out there, but we have to put a price on putting ourselves out there.” – Heather
    • Example – The diamond industry
  •  [25:35] – “Far too often we say ‘Ah, nobody is gonna pay this, so I’m not even gonna ask for it.’ but, you really don’t know until you do it.” – Tom
  • [26:22] –  “The only thing different from brick and mortar vs. the online space, is that we’ve moved the office.” – Heather
    • Targeting the right potential
    • Strategy vs. Mindset
  • [33:27] – Leadership moves
    • Making sure finances are in order – including personal
    • Finding the value in the extras – your life should not be all work and no play
  • [40:40] – “Part of building a strong business foundation is allowing yourself to go through the training groundwork.” – Heather
    • Deciding who you want to be in your business
  • [41:13] – “Leadership is taking ownership of everything.” – Tom, on learning to accept that you do have to take the good with the bad
  • [43:40] – “A successful business did not work out for me, because I failed to use my own voice and say what I really think.”  – Heather, on taking responsibility for your choices as a leader
    • Confidence is key, because confidence leads to ownership
    • You are never going to make all of the right choices, and it is ok
  • [48:20] – “Remember that for any issue you struggle with, there is always a group or person who can support you.” – Tom

Guest Bio

Heather Gray is a clinically trained Mindset and Performance coach at Choose to Have it Working online, Heather helps online entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners identify what it is that they want but don’t have and teaches the movement required to get it.
Heather uses her twenty years of clinical experience to teach her clients the necessary skills for combatting fear, managing self-doubt, and shutting down the inner critic we sometimes hear in our heads.
Listen more to what Heather has to say on her podcast, Business Mindset Mastery, available on iTunes, Google Play, OverCast, and PocketCast.

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Key Insights

  • Discover what it really means to be the boss
  • Understanding the steps it takes to transition from having a boss to becoming one
  • Creating the confidence of a leader

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