Transitioning From Employee to Entrepreneur w/ Allison & Matt Owen - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Transitioning From Employee to Entrepreneur w/ Allison & Matt Owen

May 2, 2018 | Podcast

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Episode Brief Description

Today we have Lifestyle Builders Allison & Matt Owen.  They both just left their six-figure jobs to build their businesses and travel the country, so we help with make the transition to full-time entrepreneurship.

Lifestyle Builders

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:28] – Welcome and meet todays guests
  • [03:36] – Becoming Lifestyle Builders and the big picture
  • [08:29] – “Leaving our jobs was a mix of terror and excitement, but worst case scenario, in 3-4 years… we just go back and get regular jobs.” – Allison
  • [12:24] – “One thing I really needed was accountability.”  – Allison, on what did work well in the corporate world, and needing to ensure sessions were put in place to keep tracks on the new business
  • [15:42] -“When a lot of people leave their jobs, they don’t understand the importance of schedules.” – Tom
  • [18:00] – Key Action – Creating weekly sync up meetings, the cornerstone of proper time management
  • [19:40] –  Key Action – Take a look at tasks that are absolute vs. tasks that can slide
  • [21:57] – “We pick 1 business that we really focus on to drive growth.” – Tom, on shifting focus between multiple businesses
  • [23:51] – Reframing Expectations
  • [27:45] – Setting priority goals
  • [30:50] – Overcoming different working styles
  • [33:16] – “Putting a plan out there gives us a sense of direction.” – Tom
  • [39:00] –  Key Action – Open communication!
  • [41:02] – How taking free online personality quizzes helped find the right work balance together
  • [48:13] – Pick the right systems so that your business can run successfully without you

Guest Bio

Alli and Matt Owen are former engineers who recently left their six figure jobs to live in a converted Sprinter van (See “Clifford” the big red van below!) and travel the Americas. They help people align their finances to their values over at Owen Your Future.

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Key Insights

  • Join us as we chat big picture with our very own Lifestyle Builders, Allison and Matt Owen
  • Hear what steps they took to leave their 6 figure income jobs to pursue the dream of business ownership
  • Discover the success habits Matt and Allison used to build their business from the ground up

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