Hi There! Welcome to our blog - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Hi There! Welcome to our blog

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Blog, Our Stories

I’m Ariana, and I’ll be your host for this official introduction post.
You’ll also see my other half – the love of my life, father of my children, crazy entrepreneur partner – Tom, around here sometimes.
We’ve got an interesting deal going on here. You see, we’re not your average, everyday business owners.
We have THREE businesses, yes that’s right I said 3. And the story of how that happened may be just a bit too long for this post. So I’ll save those for another time (or you could go back and read some of our older posts here.)
But for now, I just want to share with you some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned on this long & bumpy journey we’ve been on so far, and give you an idea of what this blog will be about.
  1. Starting a business while becoming a parent for the first time is both the craziest & coolest idea we’ve ever had. 
 I say we like it was OUR idea, when if you’ve seen anything about Tom & I previously, you know that’s not the case. It was his idea, but the truth is as his spouse I had a choice to either join him on this crazy ride, or stand by & watch him struggle. You obviously see which route I chose. I’m still ask myself sometimes what our life would look like had I chosen differently…then I shake that off and get back to work!
  1. As an entrepreneur & as a parent, there is one thing we have had in common over these last couple years. And that is GROWTH. 
 NOTHING has forced me to step out of my comfort zone, learn about myself, and grow as a person as much as becoming a “Parentpreneur”.
And nothing gives me more happiness then to be able to share my experiences, things I’ve learned, and be open about my struggles with other entrepreneurs on the same path.
Tom and I will ALWAYS strive to be honest in our story telling, even when that means we need to share parts of ourselves we aren’t proud of.
And since starting this online business, we have grown & changed so much from our beginning. Don’t be afraid to let your business change & grow with you on this journey.
  1. No one can write your story but YOU.
 You can follow some of the most successful people on the planet, but if you can’t take what they’ve done and make it YOUR OWN, it’s not going to work for you.
Time and time again, I’ve seen people trying for years to be a “successful” entrepreneur (by the way: everyone’s definition of that word is DIFFERENT) only to A. claw their way to the top while leaving everything they love at the bottom or B. struggle and struggle and struggle until they finally give up, defeated & disappointed.
We don’t want that to happen to you! 
Everything we share and everything we do is aimed at helping you figure out your own way. I know from personal experience how it feels to do something that completely bombs, and have to get up, dust yourself off and try again.
YOU have to be ready to take those uncomfortable steps.
YOU have to be willing to ask for help, and do the work.
And YOU have to know your “Why”, that North Star you’re following so you can reach your goal destination.
So I say again, welcome reader 😊
Here’s what you can expect from us on this blog:
Posts about running a business.
Posts about raising a family.
Posts about marriage & partnership.
Posts about failure.
Posts about growth.
Posts about the happenings & good discussion topics in our Free FB Community, Family Entrepreneur Life
Guest posts from others talking about all of these topics.
A lot of what we talk & write about is infused with family, as we don’t keep those aspects of our lives separate. Our Free Facebook Community is ALL about Family Entrepreneurs, so many of our posts will touch upon those topics.
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