Behind The Scenes (A Lifestyle Builders Members Q&A) - Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Behind The Scenes (A Lifestyle Builders Members Q&A)

Jul 13, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Episode Brief Description

In this Q&A Episode, we we’re taking one of our live Q&A sessions with our Lifestyle Builders and giving you a peek behind the scenes!

Lifestyle Builders

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Key Insights & Timestamps

  • [00:23] – Welcome
  • [01:24] – Question 1 – Where is the online world headed for the remainder of 2018?
    • Larger companies will start creating a larger online presence, utilizing social media to connect with customers
    • Shift from DIY courses to “Done With You” services.  Far too many people are buying courses and not completing them/getting the results, so more focus on having actual people as part of courses/programs
    • Better customer experience.  Better tools and usability. Things like ChatBots will be improving the experience.  Marketing will be across channels and more integrated and convenient. People have option and will demand more, driving some great innovation
  • [04:19] – Omnichannel marketing and the surge of automated tools
  • [09:00] – The future of courses
  • [13:42] – Question 2 – When doing SEO keyword research, how do you go through and figure out what keywords to target?  I can’t figure out if I should be targeting the pain points, the actual names of the topics we cover, or a combo?
    • See what keywords competitors are utilizing.  Focus on long-tail. Search volume * competitiveness.  Focus on high volume/low-competitiveness. Target all of the above.  Think of what people will be searching for based on the platform, and do a search yourself and see what comes up
    • Use tools like SEMRush
    • With that said, ask yourself  if SEO is what you should be focused on now?  Think long game. The focus should be more on actions that lead to immediate goals/revenue
  • [20:51] – Question 3 – How can I be original? How do I take what I have learned and put it into my own voice?
    • Simplify material 
    • Satisfy the needs of people who have learned what you’ve learned but have not been able to implement it
    • Don’t be afraid to reference the original creator of the content. Take credit for only parts your changed or modified
    • Think about teachers. They are learning a course, but need to take the time to know their audience so they are able to present the knowledge in a way that can be learned and understood
  • [30:41] – Offering support and guidance, even when the content is not your original material. If you can make something better, by all means
  • [33:46] – Question 5 – How can I get people to engage with my content? I would love to have my customers share photos or experiences they’ve had. 
    • Think about creating a special hashtag or a page where your clients can all come to connect and share
    • Consider a giveaway or special prize for the most active member
    • Think about why people WANT to share? What benefit does it have for them? 
    • Choose big events (like the world cup) and offer a way to engage and share around them. Holidays will work for this as well
  • [46:19] – Question 6 – What equipment do I need to start a podcast?
    • Microphone – we use the ATR 2100
    • Zoom Recorder

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Key Insights

  • Join us for a candid Q&A session with our Lifestyle Builders!

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